17 de desembre de 2017

The night of Halloween

One day of Halloween, a group of friends were doing trick or treat. They went to eat pizza together. After dinner, they ate a lot of sweets and decided to go to an abandoned house just outside the village. When they arrived there, everything was very dark. Then, they went into the house and found that everything was destroyed, they also saw a lot of pictures of a couple on the floor.

The photos were in black and white, all the pictures were from the year 1934. The name of the boy was Thomas and the name of the girl was Elisabeth. When they left the house they went to the village to do the last trick or treat. When everyone finish they went home together, because all of them lived in the same building. However, near their houses they went went through a dark street, and there, Thomas and Elisabeth appeared to them and were both dead.

Pau Herrera Bideaua
Escola Consol Ferré (Amposta)

*Conte premiat en la categoria de primària en el VIII Concurs de microrelats de terror 2017, organitzat per la biblioteca de l'Institut Cristòfol Despuig.