17 de desembre de 2017

051: Virus

It was a normal day like any other, Gina was babysitting her niece, Ana. Normally her aunt Kate babysat the baby, but she had work issues, so Gina offered to watch over Ana.

Suddenly, when Gina was watching TV and Ana was sleeping, Ana's mother called, but did not speak.

Ten minutes later they went for a walk but the baby wasn't feeling well, and she didn't stop saying one word: "Virus". Gina was worried, so they went back home. When they got there, the baby was choking. Gina called her mother and told her about the word "virus". Ana's mum said not to go near her because she was contagious with a lethal virus.

Gina thought she was crazy, but it was all true. She tried to escape with the baby but the door was locked.

Ana's mum was trying to burn down the house and them with it. Gina was so scared that she escaped through the window.

Time passed and Gina died, but Ana was stronger and killed the city, the country, the world and then spread the virus all over the universe until no life existed.

Iker Baubí Pérez
Escola Cinta Curto (Tortosa)

*Conte premiat en la categoria de primària en el VIII Concurs de microrelats de terror 2017, organitzat per la biblioteca de l'Institut Cristòfol Despuig.