20 de desembre de 2016

Mystery on the ice

This story is about three children called: Nayla, Roger and Mark.

One autumn day, they all went to the ice rink to skate, but there was no track. Then, they put on the skates and began going around the track. Later, they continued skating but suddenly, all the track began to shake. The ice was breaking. They did not know what was happening. Below them, two freezing hands touched the shoulders of Roger and Mark. They ran away. Once outside, they realized that Nayla was still inside!!! They waited a long time, but nobody came out.

The next day, they told the story to everybody. There were people who did not believe them, but parents knew nothing of his daughter in the next few days. The following week, the authorities closed the ice rink as a precaution, but before they entered to make sure there was not anyone inside. Those cops who came in did never go out of the rink.

Two months later Nayla’s parents received a note saying:

“We are around you but you
are not going to find us.
We are always going
to catch you all.

Marc Jordà Marzà, 5è primària
Escola Consol Ferré, Amposta.

*Conte premiat en la categoria de primària en el VII Concurs de microrelats de terror 2016, organitzat per la biblioteca amb el suport dels departaments de Català, Castellà i Llengües estrangeres de l'Institut Cristòfol Despuig.