19 de desembre de 2014

Alaska, just a normal girl

This is the story of a normal girl, like any other one, called Alaska. She lived on a third floor and when she wanted to go to the street she had to take the stairs because there wasn’t a lift. You might be wondering why I’m telling you this. Because this short distance she had to take wasn’t normal at all. Everything was fine in this short distance until she reached the first floor. She couldn’t stop there because the door of the apartment was open and a little girl’s voice came out from inside the apartment telling her to enter as she wanted somebody to play with. She avoided entering every time she heard that. She was curious, but she was really afraid.

But one day everything changed. Maybe that day wasn’t interesting; it wasn’t Friday or a thirteenth date like in horror films. That day was raining cats and dogs, it was a Thursday like any other one in a month and Alaska had to go to high school. But that day the curiosity beat the fear and she decided to get into the apartment. When she came in she thought that everything was all right, it was another apartment, in ruins and dusty, but nothing else. This was what she thought until she heard the voice of the little girl loudly before a strong laugh. She walked to the kitchen where she found the dead body of a woman on the wall with a knife on the chest and the dead body of a man on the floor stabbed a great deal of times. Alaska couldn’t avoid shouting when she saw the horrible scene. Suddenly the door closed and she heard how the lock was closing too. Alaska was afraid of what was happening, she turned round to leave the house when she saw in front of the door a little girl carrying a knife in her hand and a smirk in her face. A smile which in case we saw it we would never be able to forget.

Does anyone know the end of this story? I don’t think so. Nobody knows, nobody saw Alaska again, but nowadays when you step on that floor you can’t hear only one voice.

Cinta Gascon Roda, 1r de batxillerat.
Institut Joaquín Bau, de Tortosa.

*Conte premiat en la categoria batxillerat en el V Concurs de microrelats de terror 2014, organitzat per la biblioteca amb el suport dels departaments de Català, Castellà i Llengües estrangeres de l'Institut Cristòfol Despuig.