20 de desembre de 2012

The damn mirror

It was a dark night when I heard that noise... At first, I thought it was the wind but then I looked through my bedroom’s window and I saw something strange... I moved closer to see it more clearly and I couldn’t believe it! It was a strange shadow that seemed to have a person’s shape. I was really scared! I felt that ‘’this thing’’ was watching me all the time from the darkness of the night. I decided to phone my parents but I thought it wasn’t a good idea because they were in a concert and nobody would pick up the phone. In conclusion, I decided to phone my best friend but somebody picked up the phone and started to whisper words that I couldn’t understand except two words that I think really understand: bathroom and mirror.

After that, the house alarm rang and I couldn’t believe it! The door was open! Somebody must have opened it forcibly because I had locked it with key. Quickly, I closed the door again and I went to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water when suddenly I saw a painting with blood in the mirror. It said: «I’m watching you». I was horrified when I read that. I didn’t know what was happening that night. Everything was so strange...

Finally, I decided to run upstairs, I locked myself in my bedroom and I tried to sleep.

The next day, I woke up and I breathed with relief thinking that all had been a nightmare, but it wasn’t when I went to the bathroom and I saw another scary painting in the mirror that said: «See you tonight... again!».

Wendy Cabanes

*Conte premiat en el III Concurs de microrelats de terror 2012, organitzat per la biblioteca amb el suport dels departaments de Català, Castellà i Llengües estrangeres de l'Institut Cristòfol Despuig.